I am Sergi Maicas, Associate Professor of Microbiology at the Universitat de València. Professionally I dedicate myself to several things, which I detail below:

  • Degree of Biology (Professor of the subject Microbiology)
  • Master’s Degree in Research in Molecular, Cellular and Genetic Biology Master’s
    • Coordinator Chairman of the Quality Assurance Committee
    • Coordinator of the subject (Experimental models)
    • Coordinator of the course (Master final works) Professor of the subject (Seminars)
  • Coordinator of the MOOC “Molecular Biology: bases and applications”
  • Coordinator of the teaching project “SWI @ València”

I research collaborating with various groups

  • Molecular Genetics of Candida albicans (Prof. Eulogio Valentín, UV)
  • Oenological non-Saccharomyces yeasts (Prof. José Juan Mateo, UV)
  • Candida Trehalases ((Prof. Juan Carlos Argüelles, UM))
  • STEPV Delegate at WFSW

In addition, and outside the university: